About Us

About Harold Yates Mobile Ltd

Our real speciality is our adaptability!

From brake pads to big ends, since 1982 our days have been filled with vehicle repairs, large and small, easy and difficult...but all of them essential in order to keep the vehicle road worthy. Servicing and preparation for MOT are also high on the list of priorities and of course, when it comes to finding spare parts, we do have the unique advantage of numerous contacts built up over the years.


We are known, throughout the trade, as experts in respect of:-

  • American vehicles and 4x4s seen nowadays as controversial fuel guzzlers, their redeeming features include extreme versatility and practicality. They are durable, effective for towing and off the road work and nothing can match the 4x4 for just piling the family in and driving off on a treat trip. Personally, we think that the 4x4 will always be popular for these reasons and it is always a personal pleasure for us to utilise our love for American vehicles and 4x4s and the experience of these impressive vehicles as we service and repair them.
  • Suspension engine and gearbox problems! These can be both difficult and expensive to overcome - but sometimes the problem can be solved by our expert knowledge but entirely effective way of solving a daunting problem and is almost guaranteed to make the customer smile... and happy customers are essential to us!

Whatever the vehicle and whatever the problem, we will give you an honest appraisal of the work and cost required to rectify it and our prices usually come as something of a pleasant surprise to the customer.

Another speciality of ours!